Direct Drive Rotary DDR-01


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Direct Drive Rotary






The DDR-01 is our new HIGH PERFORMANCE direct drive rotary specially designed for laser welding and cutting applications.

April 18, 2005 - Our new 0 backlash Direct Drive Rotary with integrated 5C collet closer provides high accuracy and torque without the need of mechanical speed reducers (worm gear or belt drive). The DDR-01 incorporates a pneumatically operated collet chuck that accepts standard 5C series collets.

The collet system supports feed trough tube diameters from 0.4–15.8mm or up to 28.5 mm with front loading.

Key Benefits:

    • Rapid bi-directional indexing
    • Low friction design for constant precision motion
    • Long life, maintenance free operation
    • Built in normally closed 5C collet system with pneumatic opener
    • Optional 3" 3-jaw chuck
    • Through hole up to 15.8mm  (0.62")
    • Works with Sinusoidal or Trapezoidal commutation amplifiers
    • Stainless steel body with anodized aluminum covers
    • Small footprint

Specifications flyer (pdf - 448 KB)


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